10 years of "Concerto for two Clowns"

"Ten years of touring with Concerto for Two Clowns and I would still like to perform this show again and again. On 1001 stages, with 1001 audiences, nothing is repeated, nothing is the same. Every evening, we are there, ready to detect the smallest light in the eyes of the spectators, to perceive the slightest quiver. Every evening, we deal with new parameters, look for the right rhythms so that these precious moments, when clown and audience take flight together, can occur. The encounter cannot be predicted, it is never trivial; when the spectators respond to us, let themselves be caught up in the game, we are again and again surprised and delighted. And, the more we perform this show, the more we become aware of spaces we don't yet inhabit, of waves we don't yet grasp, of paths we haven't yet dared to take. No, I don’t tire of performing Concerto for Two Clowns. Just as I don’t tire of life."
Julia Moa Caprez