Les Rois Vagabonds concerto for two clowns

In the press

“The musicians, acrobats and mimes Julia Moa Caprez and Igor Sellem form a wonderfully poetic and graceful duo. After a show like this, in addition to reaching the moon, Man may feel capable of conquering the stars to turn them into a bouquet of roses.” France 3

“The classical concert presented by this explosive duo is full of hilarious surprises. A great night out!” Stéphanie Barioz, Télérama

“In a performance full of disarming exuberance and wonderful poetic touches, the Rois Vagabonds reinterpret the classical clown figure and broaden its scope.”
Thierry Voisin, Télérama

“This concerto for two very different clowns comes together brilliantly thanks to a high-flying musical and physical score. Enchanting – a must-see!” Francetvinfo.fr

“Their performance simultaneously delights, astonishes and forces the admiration. The lightness is clearly the product of a high degree of rigor and mastery. A true gem to be enjoyed without moderation in these times of austerity.” Avignon off

“A highly original, remarkable show that is full of poetry - simply magnificent.”
Michel Drucker, Vivement Dimanche

This clown concerto is a deliciously charming pas de deux, as technically accomplished as it is funny and creative. You leave the theatre happy and with a smile on your lips.”


“Funny and moving... this duo has poetry and finesse in spades... a high-flying physical and musical score.” France 3

“What strange fate could have brought these two together, if not the boundless eccentricity that they clearly share? Delightful.” Noémi Duez